Cat names starting with with the letter S

Here are a whole load of great names for cats all of which begin with the letter S.

Saba Seamus Snuggles
Sabine Serenity Socrates
Sabre Sergio Solomon
Sachin Seuss Sonny
Sadie Shadow Sooty
Saffron Shadowfoot Sox
Sagwa Shaggy Sparticus
Sahara Shaka Spats
Saki Shamrock Speedy
Sally Sheba Spencer
Salsa Sherlock Spicy
Salt Shoes Spooky
Salty Short Tail Spot
Sam Shorty Sprinkle
Samantha Siam Sprinkles
Samba Sid Vicious Squeaky
Sammie Silhouette Squiggles
Sammy Simba Squishy
Samson Simbah Stewie
Sandy Sissy Stickers
Santa Claws Skittles Stinky
Sapphire Sky Striker
Sasha Slash Stripes
Sassy Slasher Stripey
Scamp Sleepy Stumpy
Scampi Sly Sugar Cube
Scarlet Smarty Sugar Plum
Scary Mary Smokey Sugarpuss
Schultz Smooch Suki
Scooby Smoochie Sumo
Scottie Smudge Sunshine
Scotty Snoop Super Cat
Scrappy Snow White Sweet William
Scratch Snowcat Sweetie
Screech Snowdrop Sweetie Pie
Scruffy Snowflake Sylvester