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6 tips on naming your kitten

There are so many great cat names to choose from.

Most people want a name for their cat that is:

  • cute and loving; but
  • cool and funny too.

but how do you balance all this when a hundred cool cat names are going through your head?

Here are some top tips to help you select a name you’ll love for the rest of your kitten’s life?

1. Don’t pick a cat name that’s based on a joke
Like all jokes, by the time you’ve heard it for the hundredth time, it won’t be funny – it’ll be just plain annoying.

2. Don’t pick a cat name that you’ll be embarrassed shouting down the street
When you call your cat in from outside when it’s time for tea, do you really want to be shouting “Love Bunny” at the top of your voice?

3. Do pick a loving name
Hopefully you’ll be spending a lot of time with your cat. She won’t like it if you say “Good girl, Smelly” and you might regret not picking a nicer name for your kitten.

4. Don’t pick a pompous cat name
Some people like to give their cat a ridiculous title like The Fourth Maharaja of Wootton Bassett. This is probably something that will cause you embarrassment later and is best avoided. Your friends will think you stupid and your kitten will probably find it hard to remember his own name.

5. Do consider a traditional cat name
Your kitten will thank you for having such a great name. And your friends and family will find it easier to have a loving relationship with your cat because they will like your cat’s name too.

6. Do pick a name that you enjoy saying
Cats love it when you say their name. They love attention and get to learn when you are talking to them or about them. Pick a name that you like saying out loud and you’ll say it more than a name that isn’t so good. Your cat will love that.

Why not say your proposed cat name 100 times out loud and see how much you like it by the end?

You’ll be saying your cat’s name thousands of times, so you might as well get some practice in now before it’s too late to change your mind.

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