Cat names beginning with the letter C

Here are a whole load of cool names for cats starting with the letter C.

Cabbage Celeste Claude
Cabby Cha-Cha Claudette
Cadbury Chad Clawed
Caddie Chalky Clay
Caesar Champagne Cleo
Cagney Chantelle Cleopatra
Caitlin Chaos Cleopatrick
Cajun Charcoal Cliff
Calamity Charlee Clifford
Caleb Charley Cliffy
Caligula Chatty Cloudy
Calley Checkers Clouseau
Callie Cheesecake Clover
Calvin Cheesy Clyde
Calypso Cheetah Coal
Cameo Chelsea Coaldust
Cameron Cherry Coco
Cammie Cherub Cocoa
Candy Cheshire Coconut
Candybar Chevy Cody
Candycane Chewie Coffee
Candyfloss Chewy Cognac
Capone Chi Cola
Cappuccino Chickpea Colin
Caprice Chicky Colly
Captain Chiclet Confucius
Captain Jack Chili Cookie
Captainhook Chilly Coolio
Caramel Chillywilly Copper
Caribou Chimchim Copycat
Carla China Coral
Carlos Chip Cordelia
Carly Chipmunk Corky
Carol Chippy Cornelius
Caroline Chiquitita Cotton
Carolyn Chitchat Cougar
Carrots Chloe Countess
Casanova Choccy Courtney
Casey Chocolate Cousteau
Cashew Chocolatechip Cowboy
Cashmere Choochoo Coyote
Caspar Chopsticks Crackers
Cassandra Christmas Crayon
Cassidy Christo Cream
Cassie Christopher Creamy
Cassius Chubbs Crumpet
Catastrophe Chubs Crunchy
Cat-Cat Chuckie Crystal
Catherine Chucky Cubby
Catkin Chunky Cuddles
Catkins Churchill Cuffy
Catnip Cinder Cupcake
Cato Cinders Curly
Catrina Cindylou Custard
Catwoman Cinnamon Cuthbert
Catzilla Clancy Cyclops
Caviar Clare
Celeb Clark